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Generate huge profits and dip into the exciting world of hair extensions!


Hairworkz aims to deliver the highest level of training and education for professional salons and individuals eager to learn the trade. After graduating from the programme, every individual will be able to practice their new skill with total confidence.

We offer training on the following hair extension application methods:

  • Sew in weft

  • Micro ring weft (LA weave)

  • Tape weft



Weft hair extension methods are ideal for a faster service for your clients, fitting usually takes an hour for a full head an so It’s a cheaper option for your clients and also means you will have time for other customers.

Micro rings/mini I-tip/stick tip

The micro ring system is one of the most popular professional strand by strand hair systems today. They are lightweight with undetectable metal rings that are applied to the hair with a pulling needle, then the I-tip hair extension is placed underneath the natural hair within the ring and clamped tightly holding it securely.


Your extensions training will consist of:

  • Client Consultation

  • Colour matching

  • Hair Extension Application

  • Placement

  • Maintenance

  • Cutting and Blending

  • After Care Advise

  • Extension Removal

  • Extension Knowledge

  • Marketing Advice

  • Receive 20% Trade Discount Code

With each of our academy programmes you will receive a full Hairworkz pro Starter Kit and continuing support.


The Hairworkz weft pro kit contains:

  1. Consultation sheet

  2. Elastic weave bands

  3. Extension colour ring

  4. Hair extension Needles

  5. Sectioning clips

  6. Hair extension thread

  7. Pin tail comb

  8. Hair weft 120g

  9. Poster

  10. Aftercare cards


The Hairworkz min I-tip/stick tip pro kit contains:

  1. Consultation sheet

  2. Extension colour ring

  3. Sectioning clips

  4. Pin tail comb

  5. Mini I-Tip/stick tip 4 packets (half head)

  6. Micro ring pliers

  7. Micro rings/Mini tubes

  8. Pulling needle

  9. Posters

  10. Aftercare cards

Your day explained

Courses are designed to suit your needs. Each method takes a day to learn precisely, as learning multiple methods in one day will not provide a thorough understanding of each application method. A days training is broken down into two halves;


Morning session, you will learn how to carry out a full consultation of how to find the best method suited to your client. How to colour match, we will demonstrate on a training head the for your chosen application method. You'll be given clear guidance and a step by step tutorial by our experienced hair extension trainers about placement and techniques.


Afternoon session, after a short lunch break the afternoon session will be to fit extensions on a client so you will complete the whole process from start to finish taking before & after photographs with our professional portrait mobile studio.

On completion of the course you will be given the Hairworkz academy certificate for professional hair extension application & you will qualify for the 20% trade discount account from all products in our range.



Price : £495 All inclusive of training, Certification, Support &  Professional Kit


(In our training academy based in Cheshire or at a location of your choice if suitable.)

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