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This is our premium straight hair range.
Revolutionary new flat-top weft lies invisible to the scalp. Minimal to no shedding, this hair is the highest quality virgin cuticle intact hair sourced from Russia. The hair hasn't undergone any harsh chemical treatments in its dying process, so the cuticle remains intact which allows the hair to keep its moisture ensuring it remains exceptionally soft, silky & tangle-free. It's Remi double-drawn which means the hair has twice undergone having shorter lengths removed, so it's as thick at the bottom as it is at the top the hair and the cuticles run in the same direction. This hair will last up to 2 years with the correct aftercare advice instructed by your salon. You can use weft hair for bespoke clip-ins, La weave, braided or sewn in.

Luxurious Russian Gold Weft 120g 18" Long

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