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Which Hair Extensions Are The Best Quality?


Believe it or not, investing in good hair extensions go beyond just the style and colour of your hair. Though those things are certainly important, you have to be able to pinpoint the quality of the hair itself, how well it attaches to your hair, and how well it will blend in with your hair. The best hair extension are the ones that look as they came straight from your scalp. Whether you need extensions for a wedding or your first date, it’s important to choose hair that will make you look your best. So, how do you know which extensions are the best quality?

Why Does It Matter?

Deciding which hair to choose can be stressful enough on your mind, let alone on your wallet. Therefore, why does matter how high the quality is? High-quality hair should be a long term investment. High-quality hair is also good for helping your hair look naturally long, voluminous, and healthy. Finally, higher quality hair is easier to style and is gentler on your natural hair. It’s an investment that will always benefit you and your style.

What to look for in Hair Extensions?

Now that you know why it’s important, it’s time to know what good quality hair looks like. To figure that out, we’ll need to look at three quality components: the hair, attachment method, and how naturally it blends in with your natural hair. Once these parts are established, you’ll be able to treat your hair to high-quality hair extensions in no time.

The quality of the hair

The first thing that you’ll want to look for is whether or not the hair is real. Synthetic hair is prone to tangling, frizzing, and matting quite quickly. Unless your maintenance is perfect and it never rains, this isn’t a good option. The best hair is pure virgin hair. This can come in the form of 'Remi Double Drawn Hair'. Pure virgin hair is the best because it’s never been chemically altered by dyes, relaxers, or even perms.

The quality of the look

Part of what makes hair look great is the quality of the shine, the volume, and the way that it runs. Typically, hair is shiny, but not in a plastic way. You can always tell that hair is fake if it seems a little too shiny. Next, the volume should be high, but not more voluminous you’re your natural hair. Your extensions should add to it, not characterize it. Finally, high-quality hair extensions should run in the same direction. That’s why we recommend Double Drawn Remi hair. Double Drawn Remi hair qualifies as a high-quality hair extension that feels as great as it looks. It runs in the same direction, with the cuticles intact, has great volume, and doesn’t have unrealistic shine.

  • Premium Wefts

  • Mongolian Wefts

  • Premium iTips

  • Mongolian iTips

Revolutionary new flat-top weft lies invisible to the scalp. Minimal to no shedding, this hair is the highest quality virgin cuticle intact hair sourced from Russia.

This is our original luxurious straight hair range. Machine top weft Remi double drawn hair sourced from Mongolia, the hair is hand-selected & delicately processed to ensure it keeps its lustre, it's silky smooth & tangle-free.

The ultra-mini I-tip is made of the finest Italian memory keratin that's been specially formulated not to shred or crack so they can be reapplied time and time again.

This is our original luxurious straight hair range. Italian keratin tip which can be re-applied several times using our silicon-coated micro rings, sourced from Mongolia all the hair has been hand-selected and delicately processed to ensure it keeps its lustre, it's silky smooth and tangle-free.

We hope this has helped to educate you in your search for high-quality hair extensions. Please do not hesitate to contact the team with any of your questions. We are always happy to help.

or on our contact number 07725992665 via call or WhatsApp.

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