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Components of the speech writing process

The following are the components of the speech writing process: More items... Editing/Revising your written speech. involves correcting errors in mechanics, such as grammar, punctuation, capitalization, unity, coherence, and others. Edit for focus. Ensure that everything you have written, from introduction to conclusion, is. for writing and delivering the speech can be classified into three—to inform, to entertain, or to persuade. topic focal point of your speech, which can be. The Speech Writing Process. 1.

Keep your words short and simple. Your speech is meant to be heard by your audience, not read. 2. Avoid jargon, acronyms, or technical words because they can confuse your audience. 3. Make your speech more personal. Use the personal pronoun “I,” but take care not to. The Speech Writing Process. The Speech Writing Process and building a house are very similar. House building involves planning, site development, building a foundation, framing and then the finishing work. To gain mastery of persuasion, motivation, or even informing an audience requires going beyond basic the basics of writing a speech. Jan 15, 2020• Conducting an audience analysis • Determining the purpose of the speech • Selecting a topic • Narrowing down a topic • Gathering data • Selecting a speech pattern • Preparing an outline • Creating the body of the speech • Preparing the introduction • Preparing the conclusion • Editing and/or revising • Rehearsing 4. The components of speech writing process are the following a Audience Profile b. The components of speech writing process are the. School De La Salle University; Course Title ORALCOM 117; Uploaded By MegaPencilBison7.

Pages 35 This preview shows page 32 -. Nov 15, 2021Writing the Speech. After you have analyzed your audience, selected the topic, collected supporting materials, and written an outline, it is time to write the speech with an introduction, body and conclusion. These major parts follow the broadcaster’s maxim: (1) Tell them what you are going to tell them. (2) Tell them. Speeches are divided into three sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.The introduction leads up to the main point of the speech. The body explains what will be said on the topic and supports it with evidence from history and current events.The conclusion summarizes the main points and invites the audience to think about what has been said.

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